Satpura ’17

Hey guys! Guess what’s new? Well, practically nothing except… I went on a trip in January, from my school, to Satpura! Now, a lot of you may not know where Satpura is. It’s in India, if anyone was curious. In central India, to be exact. Since that is clear, let’s get on with the post. So, I went with my classmates to this gorgeous nature reserve where all you could see were trees and greenery and beautiful sunrises.

We had a lot of early mornings as our school decided to make us attend the earliest safaris and camping trips, but other than the insects and the threat of snakes or bears, it was actually pretty sun! Granted, we didn’t get to see a lot of the animals we were promised, however, I did get some cool pictures of the rest of the boring things.

We did community service, camping, trekking, boat safaris and a very rocky jungle safari, all in all. Since our school does not trust us enough to let us carry our phones on a trip where we could potentially die, all of these pictures I took were on my camera! So, lo behold- 

~jeep journey~

~the village school~

~the kids~

~playing dodge-ball with the kids~




~boat safari scenes~





~indian gaur~


~sunlight filtering through trees~


and with that the trip came to an end.

Sorry for the crappy quality, damn you WordPress. I swear I’m not turning this into a photography blog.

I do miss the national park but I don’t think I would visit it again, once was sort of enough for me. India is a beautiful country, though, and I would absolutely love to explore more of it! ❤

Thank you for reading this 🙂

Note: All pictures shown above have been taken by me.


au revoir, ciao and sayonara

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