That Awkward Silence

Hey guys! Today I want to talk about awkward silences. This has nothing to do with books, in fact, there are no awkward silences with books unless your book talks to you (if so, please tell me the name of that book). Every silence with a book is comfortable but that is not what this is about! Generally, I just don’t like them.There are many types of awkward silences but don’t worry… I am here to break them down for you.

1 Just-met-you Silence    

So, this one is usually with someone you have just met. Maybe it is a friend of a friend or your aunt’s uncle’s grandson’s best friend’s sidekick (or something a little less complicated). You have no idea what to say to that person and do not know anything about them. There will not be a problem of a silence if the person is hot or cute, maybe. So your conversation may go something like this: ‘Hello, how are you?’ ‘Hi, I am fine. How are you?’ ‘I’m good, how are you?’ I hate it so much because I am an extrovert but I still have no idea on what to say. Being in a big Indian family does not help much because you see people everyday that you have never seen in your life and probably never see again. This has happened to everyone on this planet. If there has not been an awkward silence like this with you, what is it like living on Mars?


2 Just-told-you-something-I-shouldn’t-have Silence

So, I think I know this one a lot from experience. It can happen when you tell a person you love them or when you walk into a strangers house and ask them for their WiFi password. This can be with a person you know or a random dude that you have never seen before. This happens when there is a particular sentence that has been spoken which is so awkward and weird that the other person needs to process that and also needs a few years to think of a reply. This happens to me a lot when people say ‘Oh, I ate the last slice of pizza while you were busy on the phone’ because I am gonna get all of angry but then I will have mixed emotions because  I am a nice person and I don’t want to shout at you but THAT WAS THE LAST PIECE OF PIZZA! Happens usually after a word vomit.


3 Say-WHAT? Silence

This happens usually when a friend says something really mentally  scarring to you or maybe sometimes when a murderer says that he will kill you if you don’t make him a pancake. This silence is similar to the previous one but this is when something so strange has been blurted out that you cannot continue the conversation! This one happens to me a lot when other girls say that Will Herondale is their boyfriend… I wanna go up in their face and say ‘Bitch, please’ but then I am just shocked because I am processing the fact that Will could actually have other girlfriends (since he is fictional and stuff but lets not talk about that). Or when this stranger you meet just tells you all of his problems and you are just staring at them like they are aliens, this is what I am talking about:’I just saw my mother kill herself and I have been living on the streets and I have nowhere to hide because these asteroids are chasing me and OH MY GOD IS THAT ZAC EFRON?!’ How the hell do you respond to that??

6358824721316444791152130929_gif awkward silence

4 This-is-a-great-conversation-but-I-have-no-idea-how-to-continue-it Silence

This sometimes happens with you and your crush or you and that man you met on the Subway that one time who was wearing mini hula hoops on his head. Your conversation is really interesting and great and you don’t want it to end but you have absolutely no idea what to say as well. This also happens when you suddenly become really conscious and insecure about what you are saying. This happens a lot via text and in real life as well. When this happens on a messaging app with me, the other person usually goes offline. Whenever this happens, I usually say: ‘I’m just going to go now…’ and then leave the chat or the room. Ugh.


5 SHIT Silence

You have forgotten something EXTREMELY important. Maybe it is a corsage that you forgot when you went to pick up your girl or maybe it is a eulogy that you wrote to your dead grandmother and you are currently standing up on the podium. You have no idea what to say and what to do. This is where you have completely broken down on the inside and you try to act cool like nothing is wrong. Some people start dancing, some people start talking to imaginary people and some people start chewing their hair. Don;t even ask me what I do.


Now I am sure that there are a million other awkward silences but these are the ones that I experience and hate the most. If you know of any other types let me know down in the comments, and tell me if you could relate to any of these or is it just me! I know this is not related to books in any way but I am going to have a few posts like this coming as well because I don’t ONLY want to talk about books. And lastly, I know I have not posted in a while but obviously I don’t think anyone noticed so what the hell. I will have another post up soon so I will see you then! Goodbye!
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