Camp Midnight by Steven T Seagle and Jason Katzenstein: Review

Hey guys! So, today I am going to be reviewing Camp Midnight by Steven T Seagle and illustrator Jason Katzenstein! This is a graphic novel about a young girl with a few parent issues whose step mom is sending her to camp. Sending her to camp was a mistake but going to the wrong camp was an even bigger mistake. When Skye lands up in a camp full of strange people… what will her future behold? Alright, so I have very mixed feelings about this book as there were a lot of things that I liked but there was also a lot of things that I was disappointed in. I received this graphic novel via NetGalley so I would like to thank the publishers for granting my wish!

So, lets first talk about the storyline and the plot! I actually liked the direction in which the story was heading and it was also a bit intriguing. It was a little similar to different middle grade novels that I have read but I did not find that annoying because this book also had its own twists. I did not expect anything less from Steven what with him being the creator of Big Hero 6 which, by the way, is one of the best movies of all time and you should totally watch it!

The characters were also surprisingly very nice. I took an immediate liking to all of them (even the mean girls!) but I just could not, COULD NOT, like our protagonist Skye. she was like any moody teenager but she had a very vividly negative mind. She took everything bitterly and had super high expectations for everything. I get that she tries working on it but after a point is just got a little annoying. she exaggerated every single detail and so basically I did not take a liking to her. I just was not agreeing with her attitude and personality. But I did like everybody else so that is okay!

Now one of the most important things in a graphic novel is its art style. And unfortunately, I did not enjoy the art style in this one. I really liked the sketches and all the bright colors but the way  Jason illustrated the characters was a little bit weird! The step mother who is not supposed to be good in the book always looked better than the mother,, and not appearance wise! The graphics for all the settings was really very good and it gave a very detailed picture of what was going on but the charterers… mmm, not so much.

What I liked about this novel was that it contained so much plot and energy even if it was not that long! It was a quick short read but had so much fun packed in it!

Also, the message that this book gave was wonderful. What you are on the outside does not define what you are on the inside! People change people and people can surprise you. They might not be who you think they are and change you for the better. It does not really matter what is on the outside as long as the inside is good!

The problem with reading this book was that I had to read it on my laptop instead of my e reader because it was only available in that format on NetGalley. I am afraid that it spoiled my enjoyment of reading this book a tad bit but in the end all was fine! I gave this book a 2.5 out of 5 stars but it is a 3 on GoodReads because I rounded it off!

All righty, guys! That is it for my post today and thank you so much for reading this! Tell me below if you are planing on reading it and if you have, which was your favourite part and I will have another post up soon so I will see you then! Goodbye!
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PS: And Happy April Fools Day to all of you! XD

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