Just a Few Inches by Tara St. Pierre: Review + Discussion

Hey guys! Today I am going to be reviewing and discussing my thoughts and emotions on a ‘Just a Few Inches’ by Tara St. Pierre. This book touched my heart and gave such an important message! It shows you how being yourself is the most important thing and you should never doubt if you are beautiful enough. We follow a typical young girl wanting to lose just a few inches… Wanting to fit in the spectacular red dress and trying to impress her boyfriend, she does everything to lose those few pounds. Come the diet pills… but is she ready for the consequences?

This book was sent to me by the author for an honest review. So, this book made me go on an emotional roller-coaster! I was literally crying while reading it, both of sadness and joy. There are so many reasons to like this book and so many things you can learn from it. It was incredible how a message so crucial could be hidden and presented in such an amazing way! It is just like any other book and has it more than fair share of hilarious and heart warming parts and that quality in a book is always a winner for me!

First, the characters in this book were so relatable. I mean, who does not want to lose a few pounds to look good at prom or any other dance? We all want to be slim and thin! And I don’t just like the characters because of that! All the characters are super supportive to the situation going on and make sure they are there for Carrie (our protagonist) no matter what they are doing! I love the fact that they appreciate her for who she is as a person and not what she looks like. The male characters dialogues in this book were also a bit swoon worthy to be honest…

I would also like to talk about how easy the writing style was to get into! It wasn’t anything different or extraordinary but it gave you a feeling of home. It was very comfortable to read and there was no problem there. The way Tara combined the plot and changed the writing style to suit the curve ball she had thrown was really impressive!

Also, can we talk about the cover for a moment! It is so pretty! I mean, I have seen my fair share of covers, good and bad and I would definitely say this comes under a good for me. It is simple and there is not much going on and that’s what I like. The cover does not distract the reader and actually make sense to the book unlike a lot of other covers I have seen! So thumbs up for the cover! I would also like to say that this is a self published book and that makes me really happy! I love supporting self- published authors!

Next, the plot was so unique! It was unlike anything I have ever read before! I was a little surprised at the turn of events throughout the book and the amount of mini heart attacks this book gave me due to it awesomeness! It was so interesting because I had never seen this happening in any other book before and I was always curious to find out what happened next. This book did drag a little bit in the middle for about 30 pages or so but that did not affect my overall enjoyment of this book!

It is set in a high school situation so yes, that was really a winner for me. One, I absolutely love contemporaries and two, ad high school as the setting and I will read whether I like it or not! Everything about this book was just so convenient for me!

This book talks about how you do not need to change how you look or starve yourself to look thinner and prettier. You are beautiful and you should no that. You are more than enough as you are and don’t let  anyone tell you anything else. You should never try to change yourself because someone does not like you the way you are. You are amazing just the way you are and if they don’t appreciate you for your personality and not just your looks, they are not worth listening to. You should not be insecure about who you are but embrace yourself and have confidence in yourself. Your life does not matter on anyone else’s opinions but your own decisions! So be proud of who you are don’t ever think you are not good enough because you are! You are incredible!

This book opened my eyes to so much insecurity in the world and I was deeply saddened to see this as an issue because we should all learn to love ourselves a little and not always be under the constant buzz in our head about ‘Do I look good right now?’

That’s all that I have to say without giving any spoilers! So go read this amazing book and then tell me how you felt about it! Bye bye non spoilery people! WARNING: MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS AHEAD 

So, I just have a few quick things to say about the book in reference to certain events. First, I loved how supportive and amazing all of Carrie’s friends were as she started to shrink and how they even lent her clothes and arranged for her blog! It was so special and I just had this warm fuzzy feeling throughout the book because friends like that are truly wonderful and you are so lucky if you have them!

Then I would like to say no matter what her height was, everyone accepted her and oh, it was beautiful! There was nothing wrong with her, she was still the same person and nothing was changing except for her height and I loved the fact that they saw it from that perspective!

I also really appreciated the amount of medical research that must have gone in this book because Tara definitely knew what she was writing and it was all very believable!

One thing that I was not particularly fond of in this book was the ending, though. I know that everyone would obviously feel happy to see her grow back to her original height but I was not. I would not mind her growing a few feet but growing back to her size spoilt it a little. The whole point of this book in my opinion, was about accepting people the way they are and this book did that but it would have been nicer if she stayed like that and her friends and boyfriend stuck with her even if she could not grow back. It reminded me a bit of The Beauty and the Beast in a way because even then I was so happy that Belle ignored his looks and looked within his soul. It was a little ruined when he actually turned out to be a prince.

Overall, I really enjoyed this book and would recommend it to anyone looking for a pick me up or in need of some social awareness! I really liked it and I am really excited to read more from this author in the future!

Also, just a quick note. I am doing the COYER challenge this time round and this book counts because I read it on my e reader and it was sent to me by the author! I have a whole post about COYER and my announcement so you can check that out over here.

All righty, guys! That is it for my post today and thank you so much for reading this! Tell me below if you are planing on reading it and if you have, which was your favourite part and I will have another post up soon so I will see you then! Goodbye!
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