Will I always love… ‘Just a Friend’?

Hey guys! So today I am doing something a little different. It is a book review but it is a review of a Wattpad book. So this is an unpublished book called ‘Just a Friend‘ by Read_Write_LoveIt which is free for everyone to read on the internet and let me tell you, it is BRILLIANT! We follow a girl who has been in love with her best friend for as long as she can remember. It breaks her heart to see that he goes out and hooks up with so many different girls but does not so much as notice her. Will she always be… just a friend? This book is awesome and now, I am going to tell you why!

Before starting I would just like to say that I don’t know if I am allowed to review Wattpad stories so please lemme know if I can! So now, let get on! This book is a contemporary for those who did not know and now I know that a lot of people really dont like contemporary but trust me, after you read this you will. There is no way you won’t like it.

First, let me tell you how awesome the characters are. We have Lydia who is a mix of probably every emotion in the world and she is so relatable because we all have our moments when we are super organized and a super hot mess. She is all in all adorable and amazing and I absolutely love her! Also, there are a few hot guys in this book. Well, I mean I would totally exchange places with Lydia, no matter what situation she is in, just for the guys. All the characters are super funny, complex and have such great personality traits and overall super cool!

Then it is set in high school and so you can imagine what kind of plot this book might have. It does have that kind of plot but imagine that plot but with a million plot twists and ten times more amazing. This book gave me a trillion heart attacks due to its cuteness and sadness and anger. This story line is really interesting and you will always be curious to know what happens next because all authors are sadists and love to give readers mini- heart attacks with cliffhangers.

This story is about friendship and love but it is also about finding yourself and accepting the crap that goes on in your life. This book made a beautiful broken mess out of me and I think I owe a big one to the author. One thing that I enjoyed was how realistic it was, like nothing was really over exaggerated but it was something that you could easily imagine in your head.

I would like to give a shout out to fanboyuser for recommending this book to me. He said that it was ‘amazing’ and ‘awesome’ and that I ‘had to read it’. I had no idea what it was about and I did not even have a Wattpad account but I got one for this book and I am so glad I did! I am in love with this book and am already impatient for the sequel to start!

If what I have said above did not convince you to read it yet, I don’t know what will. Oh! This book has so many British phrases and other things and I just think that that is one of the most cute things because I like how the author did not try to make her story American based but just used British phrases even if it meant that she had to explain a few of the terms. I like how she stuck to her background and did not try to change.

There are so many little things like the cast and the thousand lovely banners which warm my heart and they add just the right touch to the story.

So, if you had not guessed already, I am head over heels in love with this book and you should go read it RIGHT NOW because it is perfect…

All righty, guys! That is it for my post today and thank you so much for reading this! Tell me below if you are planing on reading it and if you have, which was your favourite part and I will have another post up soon so I will see you then! Goodbye!
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