Born To Endless Night by Cassandra Clare: Mini Review

Hey guys! Today I am going to be finally writing after such a long time but sadly I don’t have much time as this time of the year is super busy! So, today I am going to do a mini review of Born to Endless Night by Cassandra Clare which is the 9th novella in the Novella Series ‘Tales from The Shadowhunter Academy’.

I own all of these novellas in book form and have collected them since they started coming out! I absolutely love the fact that we got an entire series dedicated to Simon Lewis who was one of my favorite characters in The Mortal Instruments series as well!

Moving on to this book specifically, I really like how this novella concentrated a lot on family, relationships and friendships! My heart just went ‘Awww…’ throughout this novella because it was SO cute, funny and light! Malec was absolutely one of my favorite ships in the entire Shadowhunter Chronicles and I really like the fact that they kind of adopted a baby. It is really funny how Magnus slowly tries to understand how to take care of a baby! There was a funny part when when Magnus is trying to find a spell to make the baby stop crying!

Also, I want to talk about how the whole Lightwood family along with Clace, were so supportive of it and did not say a word against it! It was heart warming to see them all together and reading about them fighting for the baby’s attention! Also, my heart melted when they named the baby ‘Max Lightwood’! That was just the sweetest thing ever!

Also, we get to see some Sizzy action which I love because Sizzy is my OTP! They were so cute! I had laughter tears running down my cheeks when Alec was trying to explain to Simon about all the times he had walked in on them Sizzy making out! Simon was just super interested in the part where they were role-playing… Ahem!

Anyways, we also got to see the friendship between him and his friends and we also got to know about a certain bigger bully, Marisol! The scene where she ordered Jon around was super funny… Never seen Jon that confused and at loss! Also, we got to know that both Beatriz and Julie are immune to George’s Scottish charms and have little tenge crushes on Simon *giggles*

I have been loving this series so far and I do own the last book in this Novella series and I am super excited to read it and see what happens! My friend who read it before me gave me a major spoiler for the last one and I am super sad but chill I am not going to spoil you!

Also, just a quick note. I am doing the COYER challenge this time round and this book counts because I read it on my e reader and it was a super cheap novella! I have a whole post about COYER and my announcement so you can check that out over here.

All righty, guys! That is it for my post today and thank you so much for reading this! Tell me below how exited you are for this book and which was your favourite part and I will have another post up soon so I will see you then! Goodbye!
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