Truthwitch Preview Excerpt by Susan Dennard: Review

Hey guys! Today I am going to be reviewing and discussing my thoughts and feels on this brilliant and stunning peice of literature which is written by the wonderful Susan Dennard. I received kind of an e arc or a preview excerpt of the book from NetGalley so I would like to thank TorTeen for granting my wish for this excerpt!

Okay, so there is a funny story attached to this… When I received an e mail saying that I had received an arc of Truthwitch via NetGalley.. I was literally jumping up and down because 1) This was one of my most anticipated reads of 2016 and 2) it was my first ARC ever! So, I actually thought that I had received the entire book and then after I finished the preview excerpt my heart just went ‘NOOOOOOO!’ and ‘That is NOT the end of Book 1’… And then when I looked closely, I realised that it was only half of the book that I had read! If you did not get by the number of exclamation marks I have used in this review s’far… I absolutely love this book so far. If I had known that this was only half the book, I would not have read it because now I am DYING to know what happens next and I have a wait for about 2 and a half more weeks!


There was so many things that I loved in this book! First, the setting was so incredibly detailed and it had so much color, it was so vibrantly described and I instantly wanted to live in that world because it sounds amazing… Well, the setting does; I would not want to be caught in the middle of a war though… Anyways… I loved how incredible Susan Dennard makes a coffee shop sound and how her descriptions of an attic in the book make me want to stay in an attic. So… A+ Setting! It just gets more interesting by the minute!


Then the characters… And oh, where do I even begin to describe the characters! For one, the names in this book are super hard to remember and pronunce! Not just the names of the characters but of mountains and cities and stuff like that too… But it just makes the story far more interesting! I absolutely love the relationship that our 2 protagonists have… It is so heart warming and it actually feels realistic because I actually believe that you should not just have one person saving the world.. If it is two, then it sounds like the characters are in a better situation and they always have someone to rely on, and who cares  the most about the characters life and health; the readers! (I mean some of the authors do but with YA Fiction, the authors just try to hurt us by hurting their own characters) I love Safi’s sarcasm and the way she prays is just hilarious! On the other hand, I think Iseult is mature enough for the both of them and (sometimes!) avoids trouble! One thing that I would like to see is more Charcter Development in the second half of the book.

Next, I would just like to say how sweet it was for Susan to dedicate this book to Sarah J Maas, her best friend! I am not sure, but I think that according do an interview/video Susan talks about how their friendship together had influenced her writing and I think that the Iseult and Safi’s epic bromance is somewhat loosely based off of their friendship and my heart just fills up with joy at  that!


Some other things I liked about the excerpt that I would like to put in:

  • I liked how we were plunged straight into action and did not waste any time in introductions and small things like that! I was enthralled after the first chapter!
  • There is this cool picture of a wisp of smoke before very chapter and somehow, it kind of makes me want to just read more and more!
  • There are some serious hot dudes to look forward to and read about in this book!
  • Apparently, when I was reading this I noticed that Safi is fond of weird smells such as rotten fish and I just find that HILARIOUS!


I just had had a few problems with this book was just a bit too fast paced and there were so many details, facts and characters thrown at us which would be important later on in the book and there was this one part of the book where there was a lot of chaos and I could not figure what was going on! I hope that does not happen in the next half of the book!

I am not going to have a spoilery discussion section for this because it has not yet released and I am pretty sure that once it relaeses on January 5, I am going to read it, love it and write a full detailed review so stay tuned for that as well!


You should totally check out all of Susan’s social media to find more about all of the Truthwitch buzz and also check out their website because it had excerpts and videos and maps relating to this amazing world! I know now that this book is going to be such a big thing in 2016 and I legit cannot wait for every single one of you to read it and love it as much as I did!

All righty, guys! That is it for my post today and thank you so much for reading this! Tell me below how exited you are for this book andI will have another post up soon so I will see you then! Goodbye!

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