Dashing Through The Snow Book Tag

Hey guys! Today I am going to be doing the ‘Dashing Through The Snow’ Book Tag. This tag was originally created by Astra @ A Stranger’s Guide to Novels and  I was tagged by Ashleigh @ A Frolic Through Fiction, so thanks you! Also, you guys should totally go check out her blog because she is amazing! 

The Rules are quite simple:

  • Thank the curator
  • Tag 5 people to spread the Christmas joy
  • Have fun!

Also, I have answered some of these questions in earlier Book Tags so I might just repeat the answer! So lets get on with the questions:

  1. Name a book you would like to see under your Christmas tree…                                  I REALLY REALLY want The Amazing Book Is Not On Fire by Daniel Howell and Phil Lester. Dan and Phil are two of my favorite YouTubers of all time and I have been waiting for this book for a while now and I want to get it maxresdefault.jpgin physical copy because apparently, Dan and Phil spent days trying the select the type of paper to print on and they selected one which has a really nice smell, and now… I want to smell it! So yeah, I want TABINOF!
  2. A Book you will be reading during the Christmas season!                           I have not really planned a TBR for the month and I usually just go with what I feel like reading but I might just pick up The Final Empire by Brandon Sanderson because it has bemistborn tfe.jpgen sitting on my shelf for over 3 months now and it has been recommended to me load of times! And obviously, I am going to read the Harry Potter and The Philosophers Stone (Illustrated) by J K Rowling just because it is Harry Potter!
  3. Favorite Christmas movie!                                                                  My favorite Christmas movie is Arthur Christmas. I just love the story and I remember going to see it in the theater when it came out and I re watch it every year!
  4. Do you like snow?                                                                                         I absolutely love snow… at least, I love all the pictures of snow! I have never actually seen or felt snow or a snow fall and I am so very sad because winter is supposed to be my favorite season! My one true wish is to go abroad and watch snow fall on Christmas Eve!first-snowfall.jpg Also, I love cold weather. Like, I even love extreme cold weather and don’t just think that I am tossing that around because I have been on vacation where literally everyone around me was wearing 7 layers of jackets and sweaters and I was not, so…..
  5. Name a character that your would like to spend your Christmas with!                          I think Christmas is all about spending time with your loved ones and the ones you truly care about so I am going to go with Dorian from the Throne of Glass series. We would sit around the fireplace and sip on hot cocoa  while we talk about books for hours at end while it snows outside. Dorian is probably not on the top of my fictional boyfriends list but he is the one with whom I would love to spend Christmas . That is my one wish. Make it happen Santa! I have been a good girl all year…
  6. To give or to receive?                                                                                                                          It is actually both ways round. Me and my friends go Christmas shopping with each other every year and we buy presents for each other. At the end, we all sit together and open up our presents together! So I love to give but I also do love to receive!
  7. What fictional place would you like to spend Christmas at?                                          You know what place I would go to any time of the year?! Hogwarts! Harry-Potter-Great-Hall-09292015.jpgAlso, at Hogwarts, at this time of the year, they have big feasts and celebrations and they have Christmas crackers and I really want to be a part of that! I could even go to the Weasley household for the holidays and get my own sweater! YEAH! I would love that!
  8.  Fondest Christmas meweasley-christmas-the-weasley-family-30425402-500-329.pngmory!                   There was this one Christmas where me and my mom bought the tiniest Christmas Tree made out of plastic that we had to assemble on out own. We never saw the instruction manual and just started building it randomly and it was a disaster! We could not put it together and decorate it so we just decorated ourselves as a Christmas tree and celebrated. I was around the age of 5 or 6 at the time!

9. Can you say Christmas tree ten times FAST  in a row (pronouncing it correctly)!                                                                                                           

I can say it! Though my voice sounds a little squeaky at the end…

 I absolutely loved doing this tag and enjoyed it a lot! I tag:

*I am very sorry to have been tagging you repeatedly and please tell me in the comments if you do not like it when I tag you*

That was SO MUCH FUN! I loved doing this tag! All righty,guys! That is it for my post today… I hoped you enjoyed it, I hope you have a great day!  Comment down below a little about your favorite festive movie and I will have another post up soon so I will see you then! Goodbye!

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