My Favorite BookTubers!

Hey guys! So today I am going to be rambling about my favorite BookTubers! I saw a similar post up on Ashleigh’s blog, and I kind of picked up on the idea! This is my list of top 10 and I kind of owe these BookTubers a lot because they were the ones who introduced me to the book blogging world…

So first, I want to start with a confession. I hadn’t really wanted to make a book blog, my idea had always been to make a BookTube account… but when I proposed this idea to my parents they got all up and defensive and started talking about cyber crime. Apparently, I am never allowed to put my face up on the internet. So then I discovered blogging and here I am! Now that I realize, blogging is kind of addictive and I would not change my decision now even if I had the chance to! So lets begin with the list:

  1. Katytastic (Kat o’ Keefe)                                                                                         katytastic.jpg She was the one who introduces me to BookTube and I will be forever grateful for that! Also, I love the content that she puts up on her channel and I really like her recommendations and to be honest, some of the times I just watch her videos repeatedly to drool over her massive book collection! I would kill to have that big a number…
  2. PolandBananasBOOKS (Christine Riccio)                                                        b57491ec1dcef3b1aeef426bc6089a76.jpg  Even if Katytastic was my introduction, I have to say, hands down, Christine is my favorite BookTuber. I love her enthusiasm towards all the books and the way she dances and gets super excited! I love it when she does different hairstyles and also when she puts up amazing author interviews! I love her channel overall!
  3. JesseTheReader (Jesse George)                                                                             QOo7GHzV_400x400.png….And that makes up the whole Booksplosion Team! Jesse was the first male BookTuber I found and I instantly started liking the way he portrayed his viewpoints towards books! I liked how he just started doing weird actions with his hands and I especially love his bloopers! He was also one of the first guys I knew who actually had a big interest in books! He was the third BookTuber I discovered! 🙂
  4. ABookUtopia (Sasha Alsberg)                                                                                IMG_4865.JPGI love Sasha’s videos! She is kind of the closest to my age than the other BookTubers and I really like her young, frantic energy while discussing books! I love her massive book collection and I love the way she sometimes speaks in third person to scold herself! There are a lot of reasons to love her!
  5. Epic Reads (It is a BIG team!)                                                                                 2t2_yU-9.jpegI am not really sure if Epic Reads counts but I am including it anyway! I love the content that is put up on their channel and I love their weekly ‘Book Nerd Problems’ series! I like all the different types of tags that they make and the tea time sessions that they have with author guests!
  6. PeruseProject (Regan)                                                                                               peruseproject.jpg I really like all of Regan’s videos and I also am beginning to like he Perustopia book club which she co- hosts with Sasha! I love that we both share some of the same interests!
  7. Little Book Owl (Catorina)                                                                                       maxresdefault First, I totally love her username and also, I love that she really likes read a thons. I found out about the term ‘readathon’ because of her! I love her red hair and her amazing collection of bookmarks!
  8. BangadyBangz (Benjamin Darnell)                                                                      unnamedI really like him one, because he always ha s that monkey around his neck in some videos. I like the fact that he collaberates a lot with his brother Jeremy. I also share similar interests with him and like to hear him discuss them!
  9. The Book Basement (Sophia)                                                                                 mqdefault.jpg I recently discovered her channel and I already like it! I subscribed to her to actually just hear her speak, This may sound creepy (I swear it’s not), but I love her voice and the way she talks! It sounds super cute and also I have seen a few of her videos and I actually enjoyed them!
  10. PadfootandProngs07 (Raleen Lemay)                                                                 mqdefault (1).jpgHer content is really good and her reading wrap ups are amazing!

All righty, guys! That is it for my post today… I hoped you enjoyed it, I hope you have a great day! Let me know down in the comments below about some of your favorite BookTubers! I will have another post up soon so I will see you then! Goodbye!

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