Queen Of Shadows by Sarah J Mass: Book Review + Discussion

Hello! Today I am going to be discussing my thoughts, emotions and feels on this amazingly brilliant piece of literature called Queen Of Shadows! Hands down, Ms. Mass!

Where do I even begin to explain this book? One thing for sure though, I loved this book so much! This is definitely my favorite book in the series till now and it is obviously my favorite book so far this year as well! This book was everything that I expected it to be and so much more! This is the fourth book in the Throne of Glass series and in this book we follow 19 year old Aelin Galathynius as she continues her journey of becoming queen and taking on all her responsibilities and we are straight away plunged into this world of bad- assery and action packed goodness that you don’t even have time to let out a breath before another surprise hits you! Sarah is like a very bad  swimming coach who does not teach you how to swim before pushing you in the deep depths of the ocean! This book is so fast paced and brilliant that no words are enough to describe it. I love the characters, the world, the plot and the ‘on the edge’ feeling that we get throughout this book! This book is basically the symbol of brilliance! I highly recommend this series to any audience (except if you are a 9 year old) and if you have read the first book and you don’t like it that much, give the second book a try and I assure you, you will not regret it! This book is like my favorite thing in the world right now! Also, can we take a minute to just appreciate how beautiful this cover is? Like, the other books in this series have been pretty amazing but this cover just makes you want to pick it up even if you don’t like books! This is it for the non- spoilery section and if you have not read this book yet please do not go forth and read the rest of this post but read the book and then read this post! 😉

So lets start off! We had everything I wanted in this book! We had the Aedion- Aelin reunion, we also freed Dorian and killed the King of Adarlan AND Arobynn, we also saw Manon and Aelin clash and most importantly ROWAN CAME BACK!!! Sarah has pushed off everybody except for William Herondale off of my’Top 5 characters’ list because of all the amazing characters in this book! So, we start off with a ‘Dorian in a collar’ chapter and my heart broke down! I love Dorian so much and to see him in that state just made me so close to tears but I was so happy that we still had hope for him because a part of him was rebelling against the demon prince inside his body. I just wanted to give him a hug when he described how he was feeling and that he remembered Sorscha! But right after that we see Aelin’s meeting with Arobynn and my blood started to boil with anger… We had ended things pretty badly when we last saw him and him meeting with Chaol just when she is about to see him does not help at all! See, this is what I am talking about… one minute I was moping and the other minute I was so angry. I was kind of glad that Arobynn agreed to help her even if it was just for Aedion’s sake… I was so satisfied when Lysandra killed him (with a stiletto)!

I really liked Lysandra’s character but at first I was kind of iffy on that. We did not really like Lysandra in The Assassin’s Blade but now we can see how much character development she has gone through! I loved her backstory with Evangeline and how she helped her even though Lysandra would end up being further away from her debt being paid! I loved how she had that soft spot for her! I really liked that bromance between Aelin and her because I had obviously wanted Aelin to have a girl friend after Nehemia… I was really happy that she got someone like Lysandra, a friend who she could rely on and also one who was a shape shifter! I had not really expected that to come and I was quite surprised because I think this was a new term and I am really excited about what else she will do! Her ghost leopard form is one of my favourites though! The way she chases and teases Aedion! Also, I am really curious what she will do with the new kingdom she has got and what she will name it. Also, is it just me or do I see a connection happening between Aedion and Lysandra between all that teasing and flirtatious comments! I really hope that they have a little something because I know that I am going to be the first one on board that ship if it ever sails!

Speaking of relationships, one of the major ones was Rowaelin, And I know that I used to say that I ship Dorian and Celaena but Aelin is so much better for Rowan! I would love Celaena to be with Dorian but I want Aelin to be with Rowan! I ship it sooo hard! I knew it was going to happen from the start as she felt something inside her go missing when she left Rowan and than when he came back she hugged him so hard and forgot about the world for some time! I want to see where Mass goes with that ship and I am expecting that one night with them after they get all settled in Terrasen! *cackles* I also love the bromance that is created over the pages between Rowan and Aedion and how they begin to work together! It touched my heart!


Also, what is that weird thing that is going on between Nesryn and Chaol?! At first I just thought that it was really uninteresting and just to distract himself from Celaena but we see their relationship develop slowly over the chapters and by the end we know that they do like each other. That temple scene was just too much for me! The feels! We can see it in the way she accompanies him for treatment for his legs and how she saves so many lives with her bow and arrow and I am so glad that Chaol found someone! As for Chaol’s character, I did not like him very much in this book because first off nobody calls Aelin a monster. It is quite infuriating to see both of them fight so much and later do they finally develop some bromance between them, I was content! I love Nesryn though, she is bad ass, she has saved lives, she is on point with that bow and her fighting skills are amazing! I am pretty happy with this new character.

Lets talk about that spark between Dorian and Manon now, do we really see something happening? I hope so! I was trying to ship them so much but they don’t technically have a ship yet… I will still sail on this one and I hope that Sarah develops something because the way he tries so hard to remember her name when the Valg inside him is trying to forget in and the way that Manon kind of saves his life and then comes back to check whether his collar is gone or not… It really got to me! I ma gonna ship this, boat this, submarine this and raft this! As for Dorian, I did not really like his chapters because they were so sad and depressing and just made ME so sad! I was just falling into this hole of doom because of these chapters and I also really appreciated that he was trying to remember a few things! I loved his chapters at the end as he remembered and fought the demon inside him and fused his magic with Aelin’s to kill the King of Adarlan! That was Awesome! I like how he embraces being king and agrees to everything… He is the sweetest character in this book!


I also love Manon’s Character! Can we take like forever to appreciate how insanely amazing that battle between her and Aelin was! I loved how Aelin used her wits and ran and let the place fall on Manon! I like that fact that the thirteen were as loyal to Manon as Aelin was to Rowan! Asterin and Celaena both cry for Rowan and Manon respectively and it just meant so much to me! It was like they were feeling the same pain the other was going through. I really wanted to give Aelin a high five when she went and saved Manon and totally acted like a boss while doing it! It is indirectly because of Aelin’s life debt that Manon told her about Dorian still being in there! I would like to give a big thank you to Manon for being so supportive and helping not only Dorian but also Elide. I was just so enthralled by the book at that point!


Elide was a very interesting character… she is half witch and her mother died protecting Aelin. Elide is quite alleigent towards Aelin and I like how she hopes that the queen will come and save her! It was quite amazing to know that she was that cunning and smart because of the goddess of wise things! i like that she stood up for herself at times and did act like a true Blackbeak at times! I want to see more from her as she continues to find Celaena Sardothien while hearing towards Terrasen to meet her queen! I also love Kaltain in this book, she is pretty creepy though I will say! She devours that demon inside he… it is just weird! I like how she compared herself to death and also remembers the cloak that Celaena had given her all that time ago. I was also at times surprised by her shadowfire power and how destructive it was; it literally blew up a third of Morath… that is soo impressive! All in all I really liked her and wish that she had not died but I guess deatch was better than what was coming for her in the future.

Lorcan was also a quite fierce and backstabbing character who turned out to be quite cunning. I did not like the way that he set them up but I was happy that he later came and helped them even if it was only because Aedion is Gavriel’s son. He also stole the ring at the end… I do support him still on his journey to destroy all the Wyrdkeys!

Sarah J Mass! That writing was on point and I loved this book it was so awesome! I laughed and I cried and I felt what the characters were feeling! I was so invested in this book that I am having a book hangover now that it is over! and the next book wont even come out till next year! Arghhhh!!!!!! This is so unfair! Why did you do this to me!!!!!!!

This book was an obvious 100 out of 5 stars for me!

So, that is it for my post today! I hoped you enjoyed it and I hope you had a great time! Comment below telling me about your experience while reading QOS and whether you liked it or not! I will have another post up soon so I will see you then! Goodbye!

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One thought on “Queen Of Shadows by Sarah J Mass: Book Review + Discussion

  1. Hi! Just found your blog from a Goodreads discussion you commented on and thought I’d just say that I love your layout! I’ve been trying to find more book bloggers on wordpress since I started mine up a few weeks ago because I love book blogging so I’m here all the time 😀 And this book series ❤ It's one of my favourites. Nice review!


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