August Wrap Up!

Hey everyone! Today I am bringing you my August Wrap up where I tell you about the books that I read in the month of August! It has been an amazing reading month as I finished 15 books and I am ahead of my reading goal (of 120 books) by 29 books! I am so proud of myself! So without further ado… let us jump straight in!

  1. The Crown Of Ptolemy by Rick Riordan (Percy Jackson and Carter Kane crossover #3)


This is the 3rd novella in the crossover series by Rick and I am super happy that I read it! I enjoyed it a lot and the fact that it was from Percy’s point of view made it oh so hilarious! I love Rick Riordan’s writing style and his characters and his overall plot! It just makes me want to read all of his books! I would recommend reading this novella but only after you have read The Percy Jackson and The Olympians, The Kane Chronicles and The first two books of this particular series!

2. We Were Liars by E. Lockhart


I loved this book so much I cannot even begin to describe it! The plot twist at the end was so shocking that I was just staring at the book for the next 5 minutes! My heart was racing and I was on edge while reading it! I am probably going to do a book review on it and also if you havent read it yet, PICK IT UP AND READ IT! It is freaking awesome and the synopsis, writing style, setting and plot are so brilliant that, I guarantee, you will be blown away!

3. Finding Audrey by Sophie Kinsella

finding audrey

This was my first Sophie Kinsella book and I am so glad I picked it up because this book was frigging hilarious! Laughter tears were literally running down my cheeks! This is about a teenage girl who has social anxiety issues and wears sunglasses everywhere because she is afraid of making eye contact with anyone. I loved this book mainly because Sophie can take such dark topics and make them into such amazing light-hearted contemporaries! The writing style was so amazing and some parts of this book was also written in script form! I particularly grew attached to the main characters brother, though! I definitely recommend this!

4. Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan


Okay, Okay….. before you explode, let me tell you that I was re-reading it and was not reading it for the first time! I read this series when I was 10 years old and every time i read it it is still amazing, kick-ass and hilarious! And its all from Percy’s POV so re-reading is always a win- win situation! A+ characters, A+ gods, A+ plot and A+ monsters!! If you like Greek mythology and havent read this book yet, READ IT!! If you don’t like Greek Mythology, STILL READ IT! Seriously though, no matter what your age is, you WILL love it!

5. Every Last Word by Tamara Ireland Stone

Every last word

This book is about a teenage girl who is dealing with OCD which is giving her thoughts about hurting other people. But she does not want her “closest” friends to think of her as a freak so she keeps the truth from them… and suddenly her life has changed as she realizes what she is capable of and that the truth is not always so bad! This had a similar feel to it like Finding Audrey but this focused a lot on the darker topics but there was some romance in this one as well so some parts were just so cute and adorable! This book is also a lot about poetry and following your heart! The end was just a bit shocking to me but I am not going to say what happens! (Calm down… whoever has not read the book)! There is a trigger warning for depression and OCDs but if you are fine with all that then I definitely recommend this for you!

6. Crystal Kingdom by Amanda Hocking (The Kanin Chronicles #3)

Crystal Kingdom

First, can we just take a minute to appreciate how beautiful this cover is! There is not much I can say about this book without spoiling the first two books for you….but this book is about trolls. Before you get disgusted let me tell you, trolls are supposed to be amazing and pretty and beautiful in this book! This book is about Revenge, Love, Friendship and most of all understanding those around you! The main character kicks a lot of butt in this trilogy and I love her and I also like her love Interest! I liked this book but did not love it!

7. Looking for Alaska by John Green


Oh boy, where do I even begin to describe this book?! This book was a brilliant piece of work ans I loved it sooo much! Even though the book itself is short, I got so attached to the characters… that at the end, I cried!  Tears were streaming down my cheek! but this is the one book that is going to make you laugh at one page and when you turn the page you just become a hot mess! It is super hard to do something like that, so, hats off, John Green! I am so not surprised when I say that I loved this book because who does not love John Greens work?

8. Drama Queen by Rachel Russel (Dork Diaries #9)

drama queen

Dont judge me! I know this is a kids book but sometimes you read those types of books just to think about how stupid the characters are! Trust me, I did not read this for any other reason! I was just do bored and this book had just come out, I had to read it,, if only to complete the whole series! I would totally recommend this book to any 9 year old who is reading this!

9. On the Fence by Kasie West

on the fence

Just so you know… I am a big fan of contemporary novels! I had read The Fill In Boyfriend by Kasie West earlier this year and I enjoyed it a lot so I decided to pick another one of her books and I am so glad I did because I loved this book! It was light- hearted, funny, cute and adorable all at the same time! This is one of the books that you can cuddle up with on a winter day with some Hot Chocolate! Also this book is about a girl who hates being girly and i can totally relate to that (even if her alternative is sports and my alternative is books)! I love all the boys mentioned in this book and I would recommend it to anyone who is looking for a nice and fun read!

10. Between the Lines by Jodi Picoult and Samantha Van Leer


This book is about a girl who gets obsessed with a fairy tale, particularly the prince! She wants him to be real because she can relate to him really well! One day, the prince talks back to her! He says that he is trapped inside this book and wants to come out. This book is basically their journey of getting the prince out of the book! I loved the concept of this book because this is the exact interpretation of every Fangirls’ thoughts and feelings! I mean if you could get William Herondale out of a book it would get a little scary because every person would want him…. but still if you could just get your character out of the book… it would be so awesome! Also, this book was fricking hilarious and I was laughing out loud for the most part of it! I have already read the second book in the duo logy and loved it even more than this one, when the characters come out of the fairy tale and they do not know what to do and where to go and they basically don’t know anything about anything … their reactions are super funny and awesome! I recommend this to any Fangirl!

11. Big Nate goes for Broke by Lincoln Pierce

big nate

I am not really sure why I read this book…. I guess I was really, really bored in life! I thought this book was really childish, petty and stupid! I would not recommend this book to anyone!

12. All The Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr


This book is set in the World War II and it is about a young boy and a young blind girl finding their way and themselves. This was such an amazing, beautiful and emotional book! I teared up so many times and I was so enthralled throughout the book! This book comes on the same level as The book Thief which is on a pretty high level! This book stole my heart with all its poetic writing and  beautiful, beautiful characters! This book is one of my favorite books of all times! *sniff sniff* So good! 5 out of 5 stars! I would recommend this book to any living organism!

13. The Evil We Love by Cassandra Clare (Tales From the Shadowhunter Academy #5)


This is the 5th novella in the Tales From the Shadowhunter Academy series! This series follows Simon(from the mortal instruments series) as he trains to become a shadowhunter. Each novella he learns something about his past and what his future is going to bring. these novellas follow his adventures at the academy. This novella is my 2nd favourite so far because there is so much romance and sizzy action! I loved it! This particular novella is about the ‘Circle’ (You will know about all of this if you have completed the Mortal Instruments series).

14.  Pale Kings and Princes by Cassandra Clare ( Tales From the Shadowhunter Academy #6)


I also read the 6th novella in the series and I liked it a lot! I had so many emotions in this one: There was pity for Helen but also I was so excited that Aline and Helen were getting married, we also got to see Simon and Isabelle go out on a date and it was soo cute and adorable! I hated the way they treated and thought of Downworlders and I was disgusted by their attitude at times!

15. The Improbable Theory of Ana and Zac by Brian Katcher


In this book we follow two young adults; One fears her parents and is trapped while the other is carefree. When these two come together some things break, some things mend and a lot of things get hurt, but in the end what matters the most? This book was so adorable but it was also so tense at certain times! I have so many thoughts on this book; I will probably be doing a book review on it! I loved the relationship that Ana and Zac form through the book but I hate how Ana is scared at every step. This book was so much fun!

So, that is it for my post today! I hoped you enjoyed it and I hope you had a great time! Comment below telling me some of the books that YOU read in the month of August and whether you liked them or not! I will have another post up soon so I will see you then! Goodbye!

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